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UN Women’s Second Chance Education programme supports women affected by crisis or who have missed out on education by providing a second chance to access learning and training opportunities. It supports them to find pathways to personal and economic empowerment. Through local partners, it offers face-to-face training, support with learning, and help with getting back into formal education.

It helps women in their efforts to earn income by making sure their learning is linked to local earning opportunities.

The programme is in a pilot phase until December 2023 in six countries: Australia, Cameroon, Chile, India, Jordan and Mexico.

Read more about the programme on the About page.
Contact the local partners in your country. Select your country from the dropdown list at the top of this site and go to the Contact page for contact details.
Depending on the programme, Second Chance courses may be offered in-person, online or in a blended format. For example, the programme in Chile is 100% online but the other pilot programmes offer a combination of in-person and online training.

SCE’s blended learning courses offer participants the best of both worlds, using a mix of online learning (which gives you flexibility in where and when you study) and face-to-face, in-person sessions in physical learning spaces which provide opportunities for personal interaction and relationship building with peers.
All the courses on this website are on other websites. They are free, self-study courses so you can do them whenever and wherever you like.

You simply click on a course to see its details and click again to go to the course itself. You usually have to create an account on the provider's website to do a course. This helps you keep track of your progress.

In contrast to most of these self-study courses, those offered by our partners in the six pilot countries are tailored for the SCE programme and participants are supported throughout. Many are blended courses that combine face-to-face training with online learning.

Contact the local partners in your country to find out more. Contact details are on the Contact page for your country.
No. You can browse freely and click through to get to the site where the course is hosted. The courses are free and are mostly self-study courses, meaning you do it by yourself whenever you have the time.

If you want to do a course offered by one of our SCE partners, and benefit from the full learning pathway, support and mentorship on offer, you will need to enrol in the programme. Contact the partner(s) in your country as detailed on the Contact page for your country to find out more.

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