Sexual and reproductive health and rights (I Know Gender 9) GO TO COURSE
UN Women Training Centre
General Information
50 minutes
English, Español, Français

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are fundamental to women’s human rights.

Historically, and in many countries at all levels of development today, girls and women do not have control over their reproductive functions or own bodies, and are forced into unwanted marriages and childbearing, which can restrict their access to education and employment and other opportunities.

This module emphasises the centrality of sexual and reproductive health and rights to the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. It is centred on the principle that women’s agency is essential to realizing reproductive rights.

The course is available in the online UN Women Training Centre, which is open to all.  

Note: You must complete I Know Gender 1-2-3 before you can do this course.

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    I Know Gender 9: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 

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