First time here?

Welcome to UN Women’s Second Chance Education programme!

Why we ask you to create an account

The site you are on now is like a gateway through to free online courses and resources. These are held on a learning platform called Kolibri.

To take a course or read or watch any of the resources, you need an account. Having an account opens the door to Kolibri and means you have a record there of your progress.

It also helps us find out how many people are using the courses, which courses are most popular and whether we are offering the courses most needed. 

We do not ask for personal data. We do not share any information you give us with anyone else.

Selecting your country or site

When creating an account, you need to first select the country so that your account is set up for the right site. If your interest is not in a specific country and you want to explore the resources more generally, select Global.   

Your account is only for the country you have selected. If you want to take a course on any of the other country sites or on the Global site, you will need to create another account.

When you have selected the country and clicked OK, you will see the ‘Sign in’ page. Click ‘Create an account’ and fill in the details. 

Now go ahead and choose from the list. Or to find out more about Second Chance, go to the About page.