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This learning pathway consists of five courses in which you will learn about:

- the basics of starting a small business

- the design thinking process

- social entrepreneurship

- gathering information on your target audience

- the basics of finance.

Note: Each course will open in a new tab. When you have finished a course, return here to start the next one.

5 hours
Learn the basic steps for starting a business, including developing business ideas, conducting market research, business planning, and using metrics to measure business success. Explore entrepreneurship; steps to starting a business; a tool to help you create a business plan; and metrics for measuring success.
Learn basic concepts to identify, define, explore, generate and test ideas to solve difficult problems. You will develop a working knowledge of the design thinking process. Learn how to define a problem; conduct interviews with potential customers; explore the problem to deepen your understanding; generate and test solutions to solve the problem.
Learn how to build a financially sound business idea that solves a problem in the community. Learn how to assess whether a social enterprise idea can create social impact and is financially sound; record information digitally as you build your social enterprise idea.
Explore how you can gather information about your customers and potential customers. Learn how to craft questions to learn more about your customers and create an online survey to gather information about your customers.
Learn basic concepts of business finance that help you calculate expenses and find out when you will make a profit. Learn how to determine types of expenses; calculate your break-­even point; use a spreadsheet to make your calculations easier.